Safe Installation in Dallas, TX

Are you worried about losing your valuables? Safes can protect them against fire loss and crime, however, not all safes offer the same protection. At Aarons Locksmith and Access Control, we have safes to secure almost any asset. We know everyone has different needs, which is why we maintain a wide selection of different kinds of safes to suit any requirement. Not sure what safe is right for you? Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the safe you require based on your concerns and offer repair and installation services. Talk to one of our experts about our many services or safe installation in Dallas, TX at 214-446-1950 today.

Safe Installation Services

Whether you’re locked out or need repairs, Aarons Locksmith and Access Control provides excellent service in Dallas, TX. Call our professionals to open a locked safe if you’ve forgotten the pin code or combination at 214-446-1950. If you have a broken safe, we also repair security and gun safes. Some of the services we offer include:

How to Choose the Right Safe

If you’re considering a new safe, Aaron’s Locksmith & Security offers a large variety of safes for any need. No matter what you’re trying to secure, we can help find the right safe for your office. Here’s what to consider when purchasing a safe:

Safe Installation

Safes Keep Your Valuables Safe from Fire and Burglary.

Fire Resistance
The UL rating tells consumers the safe’s resistance to fire. It’s important to note that no safe is 100% fireproof. Heavier safes with thick steel walls and fire resistant linings increase a safe’s rating. Entry level safes don’t offer the same kind of protection.

Burglar Resistance
Not all safes offer the same amount of security against theft. Tool-resistance and torch-resistance determine the safety rating against crime. Some safes reinforce the walls with stronger materials like steel or concrete. Others are bolted down to the floor to prevent theft.

It’s important to find the right safe for you. Each safe was designed for a different purpose. You should have in mind what you want to secure and understand the different features. For instance, a floor safe is encased in concrete and is one of the most resistant to fire and theft. However, jewelry safe is usually more ornate with drawers and a decorative lining inside. A burglar safe might be a better option for security against theft and fire.

Don’t worry about your valuables any longer. We can install and repair any kind of safe you need for your business. Aarons Locksmith and Access Control can answer any questions you have about safes. We are professionals at safe installation in Dallas, TX. Call us at 214-446-1950 today to learn what safe best suits your needs.