Protecting Your Home While Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad

Find a Trustworthy Person or Couple to Watch Your Home While You’re Traveling Abroad!

Did you know that the most powerful deterrents to thieves isn’t a lock, security camera, or even a barking dog? It’s you! That’s why it’s so important to take special security measures while you’re out of the house and traveling abroad. Even the best security system is vulnerable if you don’t follow a few simple precautions. Adopt these three important habits before you go on your next vacation!

Security Habit #1: Limit Who Your Family Tells

“Loose lips sink ships.” This war-time phrase is perfectly applicable to home security while your family is traveling abroad. Most adults know to keep tight lipped about their vacation plans, but does all of your family know about this common practice? You’d be amazed at the number of break-ins made possible by children posting about their travel itinerary on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Security Habit #2: Automatic Lights

The technology to automate your home’s lights has been around for decades now. You don’t need all the lights in your home on throughout the day. However, a well-placed light timer here and there is a simple precaution that discourages thieves and illuminates any suspicious activity.

Security Habit #3: Find a Trustworthy Friend

Having a trusted friend keep watch while you’re away is a simple and cost-effective way to protect your home. You’ll want to find someone with enough common sense to not tell everyone about your travel plans. Get creative too! You might even sell it as a fun couple’s getaway!

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