Security Risk Assessment

Most businesses want to secure their assets from the possibility of theft or vandalism. How can you know for sure that your business is protected? Security inspections make sure that your security systems, surveillance, and locks are functioning as intended. The technicians from Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith will evaluate every point of entry and help you understand possible security risks to your office. Call 214-446-1950 today to find out about a security risk assessment in Dallas, TX.

What Does a Security Risk Assessment Look For?

Security Risk Assessment

Our Locksmiths Ensure That Your Locks Work Properly and Provide Quality Security.

Without continued maintenance, the components of the locks tend to break, stick, or not seal correctly. Most security assessments include functionality tests that determine whether a lock is still secure and the safety features still work. Our technicians will test the latches, bolts, and electronic components to see if they still hold up against an intrusion. We will document malfunctions and anything that was installed incorrectly, bringing it to your attention. Sensors and alarms can stop functioning over time, leaving the entire security of the building compromised. During the inspection, our specialists will check every entry point to make sure that all of the security system sensors function correctly by alerting to any breach.

Many businesses might think they are secure with their video surveillance system but might be unaware of certain weakness. A surveillance system can have failures if it wasn’t installed correctly or malfunctions. Our technicians will determine potential weakness in the system and determine whether or not it’s vulnerable to attack. As we conduct the security assessment, we will become more familiar with the specific security needs of your business and make recommendations on how to improve them. Our team will be able to tell you what might need repairs, upgrades, or replacements in order to stay more secure.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Vulnerabilities in your security could put your business at risk. It’s important to get an assessment to know for sure that your office is safe. At Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith, we strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. After our risk assessment, we can even repair or replace your locks and more to restore your commercial building security.  If you have security concerns about your business, contact our specialists at 214-446-1950 about a security risk assessment in Dallas, TX.