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Should Your Office Renovations Include Upgrades for Building Security?

A Businessman Accesses Building With Key Card

Key Card Access is a Simple Way to Manage Entry Into Your Building.

Fall is fast approaching and the time for office renovations is nigh. You may have already made plans for your commercial roof, facilities, etc., but have your recently examined your building security? If not, you may need to very soon.

Importance of Building Security

Everyone knows to put locks on their doors at home. For some reason however, business developers take a more lax stance when it comes to office building security. The truth is, businesses, especially those that deal in cash or have expensive equipment and technology, are vulnerable to theft. There’s good news though. Security technology is more accessible now than it has ever been before. Your business can easily find and install security measures against outside intruders and inside threats.

Security camera installation is very affordable, and cameras act as a great deterrent against potential intruders. If you’d like to take things further for added protection, you can also invest in thermal, movement, magnetic strip, and glass break sensors. These are especially capable of detecting intruders.

What is Building Security Management?

While adding new security systems is great, your business also needs to be able to easily manage them. Security management helps you automate some or all of the security technology. One of the most common automated security measures our clients utilize is keyless entry.

Finding a model that fits your needs will depend on the size, location, and nature of your business. Common types include keypad and key card locks for easy (but regulated) entry. You can also install keypads so that your employees don’t have to keep up with credentials.

Get Your Estimate on Security Camera Installation

Make sure your office building is protected from theft and tampering. For more information about access control installation, or to schedule a security audit, contact the Aarons Locksmith and Security team today at 214-446-1950.

Your Security Safe vs Common Household Hazards

Security Safe

Fire Resistance, Thief Protection, and Water Resistance: Which of These is Most Important for Your Safe?

There hasn’t been a security safe invented yet that is completely impregnable. That being said, you can easily find a personal product that aligns with your specific needs. With some careful steps to protect against common household dangers, you can effectively protect your most cherished possessions and crucial documents

FAQs About Security Safes

When it comes to discovering a security safe that’s ideal for them, homeowners have several important questions to answer. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding safe hazards.

  • Are Safes Waterproof?
  • What Can You Put in a Safe to Absorb Moisture?
  • What is the Best Security Safe for Home?
  • How Long Does a Fire Safe Need to Last?

Few, if any safes can be considered 100% waterproof. Do you know why? Water almost always finds a way to infiltrate even the most secure areas, either through cracks or residual moisture development. There are multiple levels of water resistance available on the market, but it often pays to place something inside your safe to counter moisture. This includes baking soda or even rice, but zip-lock backs are also helpful.

A capable home security safe balances a respectable UL rating (fire resistance) with countermeasures against thieves (such as anti-tool and anti-torch features). That being said, the best safe is often the one that’s easily stored someplace that thieves wouldn’t suspect. Larger safes must typically be stored in more exposed areas, while a smaller model can be tucked away almost anywhere.

The average room will be complete consumed within 20 minutes of a fire starting. Most security professionals would therefore recommend a safe model that can withstand 30 minutes of fire. You may however, want to invest in even tougher model if your home sits in a more isolated location.

Tips for Protecting Valuables in Your Safe

Consider what hazards your home is most likely to face. In Dallas, TX, one of the most common threats to safes is water damage inflicted by flash floods. If your home is vulnerable against flooding, consider investing in a safe with higher water resistance or that’s easily stored out of reach.

Should your neighborhood occasionally struggle with burglaries, a thief-resistant model might be appropriate. Finally, if your home is constructed with materials that are vulnerable to fire (such as wood shakes), invest in a safe with a high UL rating.

Professional Safe Installation for Your Home

Whatever model you decide on for your family, our team at Aarons Locksmith and Security is happy to provide professional safe installation in Dallas, TX. Give us a call today at 214-446-1950 for your estimate!

Protecting Your Home While Traveling Abroad

Traveling Abroad

Find a Trustworthy Person or Couple to Watch Your Home While You’re Traveling Abroad!

Did you know that the most powerful deterrents to thieves isn’t a lock, security camera, or even a barking dog? It’s you! That’s why it’s so important to take special security measures while you’re out of the house and traveling abroad. Even the best security system is vulnerable if you don’t follow a few simple precautions. Adopt these three important habits before you go on your next vacation!

Security Habit #1: Limit Who Your Family Tells

“Loose lips sink ships.” This war-time phrase is perfectly applicable to home security while your family is traveling abroad. Most adults know to keep tight lipped about their vacation plans, but does all of your family know about this common practice? You’d be amazed at the number of break-ins made possible by children posting about their travel itinerary on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Security Habit #2: Automatic Lights

The technology to automate your home’s lights has been around for decades now. You don’t need all the lights in your home on throughout the day. However, a well-placed light timer here and there is a simple precaution that discourages thieves and illuminates any suspicious activity.

Security Habit #3: Find a Trustworthy Friend

Having a trusted friend keep watch while you’re away is a simple and cost-effective way to protect your home. You’ll want to find someone with enough common sense to not tell everyone about your travel plans. Get creative too! You might even sell it as a fun couple’s getaway!

For more tips about home security, talk with one of our courteous security experts at 214-446-1950!

Upgrading Building Security: 3 Smart Solutions

Fingerprint Scanner

Keep Your Company Property Safe With One of These 3 Building Security Upgrades.

One of the growing pains many companies experience is an increase in theft and security challenges. Newly expanding businesses face the brunt of these threats, as they don’t always have the resources for on site security personnel. When your enterprise begins its shift into bigger business, consider one of these three powerful building security upgrades.

Upgrade #1: Card Reader

Card reader access technology allows for easy employee access into your building and secured, while discouraging potential threats. Readers are simple to install. Depending on your particular system, you might also be able to set up temporary card keys for visiting guests. This system does rely on your employees carefully managing their access cards however, so you’ll need to make sure your employees are responsible.

Upgrade #2: Keypad Locks

Sometimes it’s smarter to skip keys, which are so easily lost. With keypad locks, you can do just that. These systems can be made with physical push-button settings or a digital interface. Codes can also be customized from basic numerical pins to more complex passwords. Keypads work well by themselves, but they can also be combined with other systems (such as basic key locks or biometric access controls) to enhance your security system.

Upgrade #3: Biometric Access

You can fool a key lock. You can even memorize an employee’s password. It’s very hard however, to fake someone’s biometric data. Biometric building security comes in a variety of robust flavors, ranging from the basic fingerprint ID to the advanced retinal recognition. Frankly, these systems are more expensive but very hard to outdo in security effectiveness.

Have questions about building security systems? We’d be happy to answer all your questions and provide more information at Aarons Locksmith and Security. Just call our office at214-446-1950.

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems for Your Home

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems for Your Home

Find Out the Benefits of Keyless Entry for Your House.

Over the last several years, keyless access control locks have become more popular. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a keyless entry system for your home but aren’t sure, there are many things to keep in mind. Below are the benefits of keyless entry systems for your home.

They Are Convenient

Think about the times when you’ve been searching your home or your bag for your house keys or the occasions when you forgot your key altogether. It can be frustrating when you can’t find your house keys anywhere, but with a keyless entry system, you don’t have to worry. Instead of stressing about where your house key is, you can easily access your home with these type of security system.

You Will Feel Safer

For those times when homeowners can’t find their keys, they have always depended on leaving a spare key somewhere outside their house. The problem is that there is still the possibility that someone can find it and break into a house. This is one of the benefits of keyless entry that can eliminate those fears and prevent that from ever happening.

Easy Installation

You would think that with a keyless entry system that it would take a long time to install, but installing this type of keyless access control lock is very easy and you’ll be able to use it that same day.

If you are interested in a keyless access control locks in Dallas, TX, call Aarons Locksmith and Security at 214-446-1950 to talk with our professionals about your options.

A Safe Place: Where to Store Your Safe

Sometimes homeowners get so wrapped up in the make, model and specifications of a potential safe, they don’t even consider where to place it inside the house. Knowing the perks and risks of potential safe locations is very important. Here are some tips to help you know where to store your safe.

Consider What You Will Be Storing.

A Hand on a Safe Combination

Know Where to Store Your Particular Type of Safe to Protect Against Fire or Theft.

Will you be storing important documents, valuables, or firearms? For documents, we recommend a location that provides protection from fires. The basement is often a safer place to store documents, as there are usually fewer items to catch fire in the room. If your home has a higher risk of flood or is used to store flammable chemicals, then a hidden closet spot might work better. No matter where you store your documents, you will want to ensure that your documents safe has a high UL rating against fires.

Firearms should be stored in places that children cannot easily access. If the dimensions of the safe allow it, we recommend an upper shelf that is out of reach from children, but accessible in the event of a home emergency.

For home valuables, storing your them away from the master bedroom is often a prudent choice. In the event of a burglary, your master bedroom is often the first place to search. Again, consider the basement as an alternative place to store your safe.

For more information on safes in Dallas, TX, talk to us at 214-446-1950

Can A Locksmith Open My Locked Safe?

While we all tend to feel safe in our homes, the term better safe than sorry still applies to certain items we own. For example, expensive jewelry, or family heirlooms, or even personal information may need to be kept in a locked safe within the home. However, because of the valuable nature of these items, it is likely that you don’t need to open that safe frequently, and over the years, you may have forgotten the pass-code to get in. If this happens to you, don’t panic! Locksmiths can actually help you unlock your safe, though it might not be easy.

Experience Matters

Locked safe

Do You Need Help Gaining Access To Your Locked Safe?

Safes are expensive, so chances are that you would prefer to have it unlocked without having it destroyed. In this case, you need an extremely experienced locksmith. While any inexperienced locksmith can open your safe with specialized blowtorches, that method can’t guarantee the safety of the items inside. An experienced locksmith, however, can operate by  drilling a small hole into the safe. Then, through this hole. your locksmith can attempt to manipulate the lock from within. This method isn’t fast, though, and can take a long time while the locksmith works through each area of the lock.

However, the actual method used will vary depending on the type of safe, and the security measures it has in place. If you’d like to learn more, call our locksmiths today at 214-446-1950! We’d be happy to schedule an appointment with you, and learn more about how we can serve your needs today!

Lose The Keys, Go Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Choose the convenience and security of keyless entry.

Losing your keys can be terrible. It may cause you to be unable to get back into your home or office. If you own a business, you might have a daily hassle of lending out keys and trying to track them down. Maybe, it’s time to lose the keys for good, and go keyless.

There’s never been so many options for keyless entry. Some of them include methods like keypad, biometric, and smart locks. These keyless locks offer a better way to protect your property. Here’s a couple reasons to choose keyless entry:

Theft Protection

Every keyless entry option is different in their security features against theft. However, most don’t require a physical key. This protects them from lockpicking and basic tampering. While keys can be duplicated or stolen, most keyless methods ensure that you are the only one permitting people access. Keypads, for instance, allow you to quickly restrict access by changing the code.


Key locks require you to always have the key out and ready when coming to the door. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t necessarily want to dig through your pocket or purse to find your keys. Keyless entry options eliminate the keys which allows easy access. This could be important in an emergency or if you lose your keys. You don’t have to keep track of your keys in order to get inside your home or office. It’s much easier to offer a temporary code or let someone inside remotely than to let them borrow a key and then track it down.

Want to learn more about keyless options? Aarons Locksmith and Security carries an assortment of keyless entry options. Find out how our locksmiths can help you with your home or business in Dallas, TX. Call us today at 214-446-1950.