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Aaron’s Locksmith And Security Is Your Source for Expert Locksmith and Security Services.

Do you require locksmith services in Denton, TX? For your every locksmith and security need, contact Aarons Locksmith and Security! Our quick and trustworthy service has been available throughout the area for over 10 years. To make sure you are happy with your lock service, our fully licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths install quality systems for your needs. Your security concerns come first, and we alway are ready to provide more info on any of our available services or products. Let us show you the Aarons Locksmith and Security difference. Give us a call today at 214-446-1950 for your locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Door Locksmith Services

We Provide Complete Locksmith Services for Your Commercial or Residential Needs.

Whether you need locksmith services for your home or your business, Aarons Locksmith and Security is there for you. You get all the services you require for your home, from door lock repair to new security system installation, when you call our team. To best help you, we supply 24 hour locksmith services and will come to your home when you need us. We have the tools and expert knowledge to get you into your house or car and even can aid you in improving your home security.

To help business owners best secure their facilities, we supply a huge selection of locks and security systems for you to pick from. With these top of the line systems, you can not only protect your building but you may even manage your personnel. Utilizing systems like the keycard and smart card access will allow you as the business owner to code which areas your employees can access with a swipe of a card. Company issued identification can replace heavy keys. You can also include a commercial camera system to supply you with a visual on the traffic of your facility. Recorded or live playback offer you the capability to check on who is in the building and assess while out. Giving access to personnel or delivery man is simple too; just identify the person and remotely let them in.

Mag Locks & Electric Strikes

Mag lock and electric strike installations are a great choice if you are in need of a fail-safe locking system. These systems can close your doors, stopping burglars in their tracks, but also allow you to get access during an emergency. Your company gets top-notch theft protection, as burglars cannot get through these locks due to their construction. These are just some of the available systems we may install with our services. Want more info on these security systems? Call us today at 214-446-1950 for service from an expert locksmith in Denton, TX!

Access Control Systems

Card Access Control & Smart Cards

biometric reader system from commercial locksmithAdvancements in security technology and lock systems have increased companies’ capabilities to defend themselves and their assets. The huge variety of available systems means you are sure to find one that handles your security needs. Your commercial building requires quality protection which is why Aarons Locksmith and Security supplies access control systems that lets you manage who enters your property. Access control systems provide you with new management capabilities, such as limiting access for employees and scheduling active hours of when the building is accessible. Your security concerns are always top priority, which is why our team is always on hand to hear your concerns and advise you of the best system to install. Contact 214-446-1950 for Aarons Locksmith and Security access control system installation and locksmith services in Denton, TX.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Camera Systems & Security

Commercial security systemAarons Locksmith and Security offers thorough commercial locksmith service to help you ensure your commercial business stays secure. We take care of it all, from new lock installation to security risk assessment for your facility. A commercial locksmith should be trustworthy and offer quick, quality service for your property. With our team, you receive these and a quality customer experience. Your building stays protected with our skilled service, constructed to offer you the best service.

  • 24 Hour Locksmith The Aarons Locksmith and Security team is always available to assist you with expert locksmith services when you have an emergency.
  • ADA Audits for Compliance {Our licensed experts will make sure your business meets ADA compliance standards with an ADA audit.|Make sure your office heeds the ADA standard with an ADA Audit for Compliance from our licensed experts.|ADA audit from our licensed experts can make sure your office is up to ADA standards.|Ensure your business is ADA compliant with an ADA audit today!
  • Commercial Keyless Entry Services Keyless entry reduces the number of keys you have to carry and lets you access the facility when you want to.
  • Commercial Security Camera Systems Services Continuous monitoring from your video camera system can allow you to see who is entering your commercial building and when.
  • Commercial Security Systems Services After closing hours, your property will remain protected from burglary and break-ins if you have a commercial security system installed.
  • High-Security Locks Services We install high security locks to offer you quality defense against burglars.
  • Master Key Locksmith Access all areas of your property with just one key when you get a master key.
  • Push Bar Installation {Push bars are installed on emergency doors to offer quick access to staff During an emergency, a door with a push bar will let personnel leave the facility quickly.
  • Security Risk Assessment Make sure your system is in peak condition at all times when you get security risk assessment for your commercial building.
  • Smart Locks Installation Smart locks let you unlock your door remotely utilizing your mobile phone.

Want to begin on your commercial locksmith service needs in Denton, TX? Contact us today at 214-446-1950!

Safe Installation & Repair

Safe Installation and Lock Repairs

Safe System InstallationKeeping your goods secure is easy when you have a safe. Aarons Locksmith and Security delivers expert services to make sure your current safe can continue to work in peak condition, including repair and maintenance. If you want new safe installation, our team will help you choose a new safe from our huge selection. Call us at 214-446-1950 today and speak with our experts about your safe installation or repair service.

  • Gun Safe Locksmith Gun safes can guard your guns, preventing misfortune and firearm theft from your residence.
  • Locksmith Services for Locked Safes Get back into your safe when you have locked safe services done today.
  • Safe Repairs Whether it’s a stuck lock or a damaged hinge, we provide repair services to have your home or business safe back in working order.

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Aarons Locksmith and Security is always available to help with expert locksmith service in Denton, TX, whether you require a new security system or have been locked out. We provide top-notch repair and installation of home and commercial systems. We take care of your locksmith and access control needs. Contact us at 214-446-1950 today!