Video Access Control Systems Services

Hospitals, restaurants, and offices are now using video surveillance to keep their assets safe. Some of the security systems that integrate or predominantly use video are CCTV, smart doorbells, or video-intercom systems. Video security could give you visual control over the access to your office. Whether you are considering video security for a business, Aarons Locksmith and Security provides the best service to our customers. Call our office at 214-446-1950 to find out more about video access control systems in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Advantages of Video Access Control Systems

Video Access Control Systems

Video Cameras Allow You to Know What’s Happening at Your Office.

While both CCTV and video intercoms use video surveillance to monitor your business, both have incredibly different advantages. Here are a couple advantages:

One of the benefits of using video access control is remote access. Most closed circuit television systems accompany other security systems such as card and fob panels, keypads, or smart locks. A business can be monitored and controlled remotely using smart access through a mobile device. Both video intercoms and smart doorbells generally use a small camera at a doorway to view whoever is at the door. Video intercoms often use buzzers to allow access to doors and gates. Smart doorbells can integrate with keyless entry and provide remote access via text SMS, Bluetooth, or WIFI.

Real-time and recorded video offers a better understanding of what goes on at your office. Almost all CCTV systems share a live stream with their users. Most allow multiple access to share with other users. Live streams on many CCTV systems give you real-time access to any video camera in the system. DVR and cloud-based storage allow users to be able to access previous video records. Video intercoms and smart doorbells allow live chat with the person at the door and alter you using text SMS. If you’re expecting a delivery or suspect an intruder, the live video shows you what’s going on at the front door.

See what’s going on and control the access to your office. Video gives you the freedom to be in control and know your assets are safe. Are you looking for a video access control systems in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX? Call Aarons Locksmith and Security at 214-446-1950 and let our friendly staff answer any locksmith or security questions.