Remote Door Access System Services

Have you ever been nervous about leaving a key under the mat or in the mailbox? Hidden keys pose a huge security risk to your office. Aarons Locksmith and Security has a great alternative. Remote access can give you the connection you need to unlock your door as needed from wherever you may be. Electronic locks with keyless remote locking capabilities give instant access without hiding a key. If you’re interested in a remote door access system in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, trust our professionals and give us a call at 214-446-1950 today.

What Makes Remote Access The Right Choice?

remote door access system

Remotely Open Your Door at Any Time from Anywhere.

Wireless devices add a new dimension to the advancements in lock technology. Certain Bluetooth-enabled locks turn cellphones into keys. Some unlock based on the proximity of your phone to the door, and others require you to physically touch your phone to the bolt or door handle. This means that if you forgot your key, you still have access to your office through your mobile device! Remote access alleviates the stress of lending keys or giving out keycodes. You can provide instant, temporary access to guests in your office. SMS text and certain apps allow users to control their electronic locks remotely. This can help if a family member lost their keys or you need to send someone to the pickup something at the office. Some electronic locks even come with video capabilities to allow users to see a live feed and chat with the person at the front door. You can remotely let someone inside or tell a delivery man where to place a package.

Most electronic locks with remote capabilities use more than one method to secure the door. For instance, an electronic lock might also have a keypad, access card, or key. This keeps the door accessible in case your phone dies or there’s a power outage. Some even feature a backup battery to ensure the lock is still working through every thunderstorm.

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Remote keyless entry gives you instant access to you or your guest at any time. Consider if remote access is right for you. At Aarons Locksmith and Security, we sell and install many different types of locks to meet your security needs. Want to get started on your remote door access system in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX today? Give us a call at 214-446-1950 today and speak with our professional locksmiths about your remote access needs.