Mag Lock Services

Mag lock and electronic strikes offer some of the most secure options on the market. Many companies use them for their fail-safe, emergency options and security. Aarons Locksmith and Security can tell you about all the benefits of using one of these systems. We’ve helped so many customers with electronic strikes and mag locks in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. For any questions, call us at 214-446-1950 and speak with one of our experts today about mag lock installation.

How to Decide Which Is Right for You?

Mag Lock

Different Control Options Are Available for Mag Locks.

An electronic strike uses an electrical current to control a latch, called a keeper, in order to lock or unlock based on the presence or absence of the current. Electromagnetic locks use magnetism caused by a constant electrical current to seal a door or gate. Both kinds of locks have similar access options. Electronic strikes often use a buzzer. However, mag locks and electronic strikes can operate with keypads, access cards, key fobs, biometrics, and smart technology. Both options have many access possibilities.

When considering both of these locks, you need to understand the difference between fail-secure and fail-safe. If the power goes off, a fail-secure lock will stay locked and protect the assets inside. However, a fail-safe lock will unlock in the absence of an electrical current. A mag lock can only be a fail-safe because it has no moving parts and relies completely on the electrical current.  However, electronic strikes can be either fail-secure or fail-safe. In fact, some models even allow the lock to change between the two.

The typical mag lock can resist between 600-1,500 lbs of force. Some still hold up against to around 2,000 lbs of pressure. They even hold up against repeated blows. However, electronic strikes can be fail-secure and generally have better strength than the average lock. They also offer a strong latch system that is sealed with an electrical current making it resistant to breaks and tampering devices.

A mag lock or electronic strike provide a fail-safe system that protects your assets but still allows access in an emergency. Talk to the experts at Aarons Locksmith and Security. We can tell you more about an electronic strike or a mag lock in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Let us help you make the right decision! Give us a call today at 214-446-1950 for your mag lock service needs.