Access Control Keypad Services

Many different businesses use an access control keypad for security. Generally, people use keypads to operate gates and door locks. However, they can be used to protect anything from garages to individual rooms and vary in features and complexity. An access control keypad might be best the option to provide an alternative to keys or access cards. At Aarons Locksmith and Security, we provide a wide selection of access control keypads for your commercial property. Our helpful team will assist you in finding the best access control keypad in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Give us a call today at 214-446-1950 to speak with one of our professionals about your keypad service needs.

How Will Keypad Access Help?

Access Control Keypad

Access Control Keypad Provide Alternate Access or Additional Security.

Depending on the model and type, a keypad can use either a simple or complex passcode. Some use a simple 4-digit pin; others use a longer password composed of numbers or letters.

Keypads often accompany other forms of security such as physical keys, access cards, fobs, biometrics, and even smart technologies in order to either offer an alternative method of access or provide additional security. Depending on the exact function, an access control keypad can range in design from simple push buttons to digital systems. Many of the digital options use buttons that appear on an electronic panel. Some features smart technology that can grant remote access via text SMS, Bluetooth, or WIFI.

These systems don’t require a physical key. You don’t need to worry about lost or duplicate keys. With keyless entry, you can generally change a pin or passcode. If the security has been compromised, you can simply choose a brand new passcode without worrying about changing out the locks. Since you can change the code at any time, you’ll be able to provide it to someone with temporary access and still maintain constant access control by making a new one. Plus, the keypads don’t use physical keys making them less vulnerable to lockpicking and tampering.

A keypad could change the amount of control you have over the access to your business. They can offer keyless solutions to make your company more accessible and secure. Aarons Locksmith and Security has many different keypad locks each with unique features and uses. Come find the best access control keypad in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX or give us a call at 214-446-1950 today.