Access Control Installation in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX

Biometric lock opening door

Explore Some of the Many Methods of Access Control.

Security needs vary from person to person. When it comes to security it is for your business, there have never been so many options on how to control the access to the property. You can customize the security access to fit your specific needs. An access control installation for your business can help you regulate who has access to your property, assets and more. This means you get manageable security that allows you to monitor access and protect your property at the same time. Aarons Locksmith and Security offers a wide selection of access control installation systems to give you the best system for you. We have been proudly serving the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX area for over 10 years with quality locksmithing and security services. Let’s get started today! Give us a call at 214-446-1950 for access control installation!

Access Control Installation

Every method of access control installation uses different technology and offers unique security features. While some require key or access card, others are completely keyless and utilize technologies such as smart technology or biometrics. It’s important to explore all of your options for access control installation before choosing the right one for you. At Aarons Locksmith and Security, we listen to your security concerns to help match you to the best access control installation. Some of the systems we offer include:

  • Access Cards Access cards can either be slid in a slot similar to a credit card machine or swiped across an access a panel. They often serve a double function as an ID badge or key with the company logo.
  • Keypads Digital and analog keypads use key codes or pins that are typed into a number pad. These codes can be simple 4-digit pin numbers or a string of letters and numbers.
  • Mag Locks & Electronic Strikes Both mag locks and electronic strikes use an electrical current to lock the door. In the case of a power failure, both these locks can open for emergency access. Electronic strikes can even be set to lock when the power is cut.
  • Biometric Readers Locks with biometrics use biological patterns as a way of access. The most common methods are fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scans.
  • Video Image Access Control With video, you can monitor your office to know who has access. Smart intercoms show you who is at the door or gate before letting them inside. CCTV enables you to see both live and past views of entryways.
  • Remote Locking Systems Often using text SMS or Bluetooth, electronic wireless locks allow users to open remotely and provide temporary access. Most remote locking systems accompany other access methods such as keypads or keys.
  • Keyless Entry From keypads to smart technology, there’s wide variety of keyless entry methods. With so many options, it’s one of the customizable forms of security access available.

We are your source for security system and locksmith services. For your access control installation in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, contact Aarons Locksmith and Security today at 214-446-1950 and speak with one of our professionals!