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Explore Some of the Many Methods of Access Control.

Security needs vary from person to person. When it comes to secure access, there have never before been so many options on how to control entry to a property. You can customize the security access to fit your specific needs. Access control in Dallas for your business can help you regulate who has access to your property, assets, and more. This means you get manageable security that allows you to monitor access and protect your property at the same time. Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith offers a wide selection of access control installation systems to give you the best system for you. We have been proudly serving the Dallas, TX area for over 10 years with quality locksmithing and security services. Let’s get started today! Give us a call at 214-446-1950 when you need access control installers in Dallas, TX!

Access Control Installation

Every method of access control uses different technology and offers unique security features. While some require key or access cards, others are completely keyless, and utilize features such as smart technology or biometrics. It’s important to explore all of your options for access control installation before choosing the right one for your needs. At Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith, we listen to your security concerns to help match you to the best access control system in Dallas. We offer a variety of systems to monitor and control access to your facility.

Access Solutions

Access Solutions: Keycards

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Card Readers Make Instant Access Easy.

Keycards stand as a commonly chosen access solution. Card readers help companies take control over access through the use of keycards. Some card readers work similar to a credit card machine, and the access cards are swiped or placed into a slot. Other card readers use a panel that unlocks the doors when the access card comes within proximity of it.

The Benefits of Card Reader Installation

While security access is the primary use, keycards often serve other functions as well. Offices, educational facilities, and hospitals might utilize their access cards as IDs. Sometimes, hotels use one side of the card for an advertisement or to display the company logo. Cheaper than traditional keys, access cards can be inexpensively replaced and even used temporarily. Many hotels use access cards to allow guests temporary use of their rooms and facilities without having to keep up with individual keys or worry about the costs of replacing them.

At any point, you can instantly grant or deny access to a specific keycard. Keycards can authorize guests or employees to enter the building or room without giving them unlimited access to the entire building. You can individualize the length of time that they are allowed to use it. If you experience a security risk, access cards can allow you to instantly lock down the business to contain the situation. When minutes count, the instant control of access card systems could make the difference in a dangerous situation.

Access Solutions: Keypads

Keypad Entry System Installed on a Yellow Door.

Access Control Keypads Provide Alternate Access or Additional Security.

Many different businesses use an access control keypad for security. Generally, people use keypads to operate gates and door locks. However, they can be used to protect anything from garages, to individual rooms, and vary in features and complexity. An access control keypad might be best the option to provide an alternative to keys or access cards.

How Will Keypad Access Help?

Depending on the model and type, a keypad can use either a simple or complex passcode. Some use a simple 4-digit pin; others use a longer password composed of numbers or letters. Keypads often accompany other forms of security such as physical keys, access cards, fobs, biometrics, and even smart technologies in order to either offer an alternative method of access, or provide additional security. Depending on the exact function, an access control keypad can range in design from simple push buttons to digital systems. Many of the digital options use buttons that appear on an electronic panel. Some feature smart technology that can grant remote access via text SMS, Bluetooth, or WIFI.

These systems don’t require a physical key. You don’t need to worry about lost or duplicate keys. With keyless entry, you can generally change a pin or passcode whenever you want. If security has been compromised, you can simply choose a brand new passcode without worrying about changing out the locks. Since you can change the code at any time, you’ll be able to provide it to someone with temporary access and still maintain constant access control by making a new one. Plus, keypads that don’t use physical keys are less vulnerable to lockpicking and tampering.

Alternative Access Solutions

Alternative Access Solutions: Biometric Readers

Person Using a Fingerprint Verification to Open a Door.

Biometric Readers Make Access Easy and Secure.

Biometric readers and keyless entry provide alternative solutions to traditional means of access such as keypads and card readers. Biometric locks feature some of the most cutting-edge advances in commercial security. Locks using biometrics are able to recognize patterns in physical characteristics unique only to you. This offers some of the best security on the market by ensuring that you are the only one who has access. Biometric locks can be placed on deadbolts, door locks, electronics, safes, and other assets.

Biometrics use various methods to recognize biological patterns. Here are some of the more common:

  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint ID
  • Handprint ID
  • Retinal recognition
  • Voice activation

The Benefits of Biometrics

Once a biometric reader is installed, you will enjoy some key security benefits. Commercial properties have a lot of traffic between clients and employees. You can ensure only the correct people get access to areas inside your building by programming employee biometrics into the system. Some of these locks can hold hundreds and even thousands of users. You can schedule access times as well to prevent entry during business off hours. If you have a change in personnel, you can remove individual biometrics to revoke access and keep your system information current.

Another benefit of having a biometric reader lock in Dallas, TX is that you will always have access to your property. With traditional locks or keypads, you can lose access if you misplace your keys or forget your pin. On top of that, you have to contend with the cost of getting replacement keys. However, with biometric reader identification such as facial recognition or fingerprinting, you will have your key with you at all times. Biometric reader locks even provide security against burglars or thieves due to a lack of a key or passcode.

Alternative Access Solutions: Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry Pad Installed Over a Door Handle.

Keyless Entry Offers a Convenient Solution for Access Control.

Security and convenience are the two main reasons to switch to keyless entry. Most keyless entry systems use fewer physical parts, making them more resistant to lock tampering. Plus, you don’t need to worry about lost, stolen, or duplicated keys. Just change the code or remove access to a specific user. By using remote access or sharing a code, you can allow a guest permanent or temporary access. If you lose your keys, you still get inside without having to call someone with a spare set.

What Options Are Available?

  • Access Cards – Using a magnetic strip, most keycards are waved across a panel or slid in a card reader. Access cards can serve multiple purposes and work as an ID or advertisement.
  • Biometrics – Fingerprints, handprints, retinal scans, and voice activation are all biometric options for security access. Biometrics is one of the strictest ways to control access because it’s based on a specific biological pattern.
  • Bluetooth – Locks enabled with Bluetooth use your phone as a digital key and unlock the door when you come close to the lock or touch it with your phone.
  • Keypads – Since keypads are so common, they have a lot of options to choose from. Many integrate with other kinds of locks in order to offer an alternative method of access.
  • Mobile Remote Access – Smart technology adds a new dynamic to keyless entry by allowing you to text, call, or use an app to open a lock.

Locking Systems

Locking Systems: Mag Locks & Electronic Strikes

Woman Pressing Controls to Activate a Door Lock.

Different Control Options Are Available for Mag Locks.

We offer advanced solutions for locking systems, including mag locks, electronic strikes, and remote locking systems. Maglock and electronic strikes offer some of the most secure options on the market. Many companies use them for their fail-safe, emergency options and security. Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith can tell you about all the benefits of using one of these Dallas access control systems.

How to Decide Which Is Right for You?

An electronic strike uses an electrical current to control a latch, called a keeper, in order to lock or unlock based on the presence or absence of the current. Electromagnetic locks use magnetism caused by a constant electrical current to seal a door or gate. Both kinds of locks have similar access options. Electronic strikes often use a buzzer. However, mag locks and electronic strikes can operate with keypads, access cards, key fobs, biometrics, and smart technology. Both options have many access possibilities.

When considering both of these locks, you need to understand the difference between fail-secure and fail-safe. If the power goes off, a fail-secure lock will stay locked and protect the assets inside. However, a fail-safe lock will unlock in the absence of an electrical current. A maglock can only be a fail-safe because it has no moving parts and relies completely on the electrical current.  However, electronic strikes can be either fail-secure or fail-safe. In fact, some models even allow the lock to change between the two.

Locking Systems: Remote Locking Systems

Young Woman Has Used Remote Entry at Her Home.

Remotely Open Your Door at Any Time from Anywhere.

Have you ever been nervous about leaving a key under the mat or in the mailbox? Hidden keys pose a huge security risk to your office. Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith can provide a great alternative. Remote access can give you the connection you need to unlock your door as needed from wherever you may be. Electronic locks with keyless remote locking capabilities give instant access without hiding a key.

What Makes Remote Access the Right Choice?

Wireless devices add a new dimension to the advancements in lock technology. Certain Bluetooth-enabled locks turn cellphones into keys. Some unlock based on the proximity of your phone to the door, and others require you to physically touch your phone to the bolt or door handle. This means that if you forgot your key, you still have access to your office through your mobile device. Remote access alleviates the stress of lending keys or giving out keycodes. You can provide instant, temporary access to guests in your office. SMS text and certain apps allow users to control their electronic locks remotely. Some electronic locks even come with video capabilities to allow users to see a live feed and chat with the person at the front door. Our professional access control in Dallas, TX gives you the peace of mind knowing your property is secured.

Video Image Access Control

Video Access Control

White Security Camera Outdoors.

Video Cameras Allow You to Know What’s Happening at Your Office.

Hospitals, restaurants, and offices are now using video surveillance to keep their assets safe. Some of the security systems that integrate or predominantly use video are CCTV, smart doorbells, or video-intercom systems. Video security could give you visual control over the access to your office. Whether you are considering video security for a business, Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith provides the best service to our customers.

Advantages of Video Access Control Systems

One of the benefits of using video access control is remote access. Most closed circuit television systems accompany other security systems such as card and fob panels, keypads, or smart locks. A business can be monitored and controlled remotely using smart access through a mobile device. Both video intercoms and smart doorbells generally use a small camera at a doorway to view whoever is at the door. Video intercoms often use buzzers to allow access to doors and gates. Smart doorbells can integrate with keyless entry and provide remote access via text SMS, Bluetooth, or WIFI.

Real-time and recorded video offers a better understanding of what goes on at your office. Almost all CCTV systems share a live stream with their users. Most allow multiple access to share with other users. Live streams on many CCTV systems give you real-time access to any video camera in the system. DVR and cloud-based storage allow users to be able to access previous video records. Video intercoms and smart doorbells allow live chat with the person at the door and alter you using text SMS. If you’re expecting a delivery or suspect an intruder, the live video shows you what’s going on at the front door.

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