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What is the Best Home Safe?

Close up of a security safe, women's hand is turning opening knob beside the number code press pads.

Protect Your Valuables With a Security Safe!

Our belongings are valuable, some more valuable than others, and when you’re looking for a way to keep them nearby without risking theft than consider installing or obtaining a security safe for home. There have been many advancements in safe options as well as different security lock alternatives which can be particularly hard to break into. There are a variety of benefits that can come with a security safe from protection against the elements to theft. What’s more, there are many options out there that can range from fire protection to environmental resistance. (That’s more protection than can be seen with other home systems like with single ply roofing!) When you’re considering a security safe take into account what you’re ultimate goal is as far as protection, security features, and accessibility. Rely on the services of a trusted security safe company for your safe installation in Dallas, TX. With a trusted company you can ensure that only the best options will be provided for your residence or business so you can rest assured that your valuables are safe!

What is security safe?

A security safe is a container or box with a lock that stores valuable objects and protects them from theft, fire or other damages. They are typically made of materials that will be hard to enforce or damage by blunt impact, the elements as well as hard to open based on lock technologies. A security safe can be made from materials such as metal or plastic through blow molding. Locks can be secured or opened by a key, fingerprint, code or other types of security. Finally, shapes can vary from cylinder to cuboid or rectangular and can have faces that are removable or hinged. Consider protective benefits or whether you’d prefer your security safe to be installed in your floors or walls.

The Different Types of Security Safes

  • Burglar Resistant Safes
  • Deposit Safes
  • Diversion Safes
  • Environmental Resistant Safes
  • Fire Resistant Record Equipment
  • Jewelry Safes
  • Room Sized Fire Proof Vaults
  • Smart Safes
  • Wall Safes

How much does a home safe cost?

Security safes can vary in cost depending on materials they’re made of from size, locks and other features that are technologically advanced. On average, safes without any special features can range from $200-$400 yet they won’t be able to protect against fires or other situations. Durable fire-resistant options will be pricier with a 24 inch by 20 inch options being around $600-$800. For larger safes, as is seen with 36 inch by 24 inch options, you’ll see costs up to $1,200.  

What should I keep in a safe?

You can keep pretty much anything in a security safe keeping in mind that it’ll fit in that container’s size. With that caveat in mine, important documents are often put in safes so as not to be lost or stolen such as social security cards, birth certificates, insurance policies, passports, property titles, and power of attorney documents. Other things that are typically placed in safes are safety deposit box keys, spare car or home keys, cash and jewelry.

 Thief in mask stealing valuables from safe at crime scene (staged photo).

How do you keep jewelry safe at home?

A great way to protect your jewelry is with a security safe. Other ways that you can expand on protection are with home alarms, closed-circuit cameras or with motion detectors. Some surveillance features can even have an option to alert law enforcement when there are any suspicious activities. Something you can also do is to have an insurance policy, like a comprehensive plan, for your jewelry in case it is ever stolen. Your homeowners’ insurance may cover belongings if there’s a fire or natural disaster but with a comprehensive plan, you’ll be covered in more scenarios. Some insurance companies may even offer specialties in keeping precious stones, fine jewelry or gold insured.

Are home safes safe?

When you have a  security safe your belongings are safe without risk of getting out unless your lock sequence or code is entered or implemented. However,  if you’re safes are able to be carried if a burglar enters your home they may just transport it with them and try to open it with other means once they are away from your property. It’s therefore recommended by experts if you have a fireproof safe, to anchor it onto your floor or wall so this risk is eliminated.

How can you protect money from fire?

If you’d like to protect your money from a fire it’s encouraged to have them in fire-proof security safe. Fire-proof security safes have different class ratings which can vary depending on the temperature they protect against. For example, a Class 125 2 hour fire rating can protect objects within the safe from external temperatures of over 1700℉ for at least two hours. Ultimately, class types can vary and strength and durability so it’s important to take a look at your options before you ultimately commit.

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