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How Do You Use Keyless Entry?

For any business owner, security is a critical component to owning a business and choosing the right system can seem daunting. As markets go more and more digital, an increasingly popular trend in security is the keyless entry system for commercial buildings. Keyless entry systems are not as scary or far-fetched as you might imagine. These systems offer a certain level of security that a traditional lock and key don’t, as well as still providing a certain level of flexibility.

If you are a business owner with questions about commercial keyless entry systems in the Dallas, TX, then Aaron’s Locksmith and Security are the people to call. We have licensed and trained representatives that are ready to provide fast, quality customer service.

How Keyless Entry Systems Work

A keyless entry system is not as complex as you might believe. Instead of a physical lock and key, keyless entry systems have a PIN pad or card reader that uses a code to activate the deadbolt. PIN holders simply type in their PIN to lock or unlock the deadbolt. Card carriers just wave their card or fob in front of the plate to unlock the door. And yes, you read that right. Keyless systems still use a deadbolt to lock a door. The major difference is just in the method.

While keyless entry systems sound good in theory, there is still the lingering question, “Are keyless entry systems safe?” And the answer is, yes they are. With traditional key and lock systems, business owners may always have that worry of an employee losing a key. This kind of security system helps to take away some of that stress. By removing that need for a physical key, employees may only have a PIN to enter, meaning only the people you choose to allow in, get in. Codes and cards can easily be reprogrammed and deactivated as needed.

The Different Types of Locks

So, what are the different types of locks? Specifically, what are the different types of keyless locks. Because physical key and lock mechanisms are still popular, for good reason, there are many options to choose from. With keyless systems, there are still a handful of choices.

  • Card System: Great for business with several employees. Cards can be programmed per person and allows business owners to determine who has access and where.
  • Keypad/PIN pad System: Just like a card, employees are given a PIN or a code unique to them to be allowed entry into the business. Code’s can be reprogrammed, easily, at any time.  
  • Remote System: These systems can be integrated with a card or keypad system, but also allow employees to lock/unlock doors from their phone or computer.

The Best Commercial Keyless Entry System

Once you have decided to go with a keyless entry system, your next thought is probably wondering which is the best option. There are so many to choose from, it’s hard to understand which is the best overall. At varying price points, Trilogy Standalone Keyless Locks have proven to be one of the best options for commercial keyless use.


  • Take minutes to install
  • Multiple styles to fit any door size or exit trim
  • Employees can use a PIN or card for entry/exit
  • Durable and vandal resistant

Trilogy Keyless Systems have a high rating for good reason. They provide the security business owners want and need while still also providing quite a bit of flexibility. The brand itself is also very user-friendly, so business owners that maybe aren’t so tech-savvy don’t have to feel intimidated using this system.

As a business owner in the DFW area, you want to be sure that only the best are working with you for everything from flat roof repair, to something like the lock system you use. Aaron’s Locksmith and Security is the team you want for your keyless entry system needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a keyless lock?

It is a deadbolt that uses a code instead of a physical key to activate the locking/unlocking of the deadbolt.

How do electronic door locks work?

Instead of using a physical key, electronic door locks or keyless entry systems, utilize a code to activate and deactivate a deadbolt.

How do you lock a keyless entry?

Keyless entry locks will have either a pin pad or card plate to use in place of a lock and key. Thanks to several innovations, many locks now offer the ability to lock and unlock through your phone.

Where do I find factory keyless entry code?

Often, the factory setting code will be in the user manual.

Can keyless entry systems be hacked?

Yes, there are ways for these systems to be hacked, just like it is possible for a physical key to be copied and used. Safety and security are increased by eliminating the need for a physical key, but as with the traditional security measures, there is still risk associated.

No matter your locking system needs, Aaron’s Locksmith and Security are the best in town. If you are a business owner in need of commercial keyless entry systems in the Dallas, TX, then call Aaron’s Locksmith and Security at 214-446-1950.