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What is a Security Risk Assessment?

A Security Professional Performs a System Stress Test

A Professional Knows How to Stress Test Your Building’s Security for Potential Weaknesses.

Is your company building secure? Many business owners believe that, until an expensive theft offers them a rude awakening. When it comes to running a business, the most successful companies will perform security risk analysis on a regular basis to identify and address potential threats. However, most business owners also don’t know how to do a risk assessment, which is where professional security firms come into play.

What is a Security Risk Analysis?

In simplest terms, security risk analysis is the process of examining security for areas of weakness, identifying potential threats, then developing a plan to overcome them. This analysis requires both an inside-out and outside-in perspective. While you can easily provide your own rudimentary examination of your company’s security, you’ll need outsider perspective to completely safeguard your employees, property, and your customers. This leads us to the three areas of risk.

What are the 3 Types of Risk?

Security risk can generally be classified into three different categories: personal, property, and liability. Personal risks involve threats to your security and the safety of your employees. These dangers may originate outside or inside of your organization, but they are often weighed most heavily.

Property risks are fairly straightforward. Any threat that could result in the loss, damage, or theft of property could create serious financial difficulties for your company. Again, both internal and external factors could affect your property’s safety.

The type of risk that many companies (especially new startups) forget about is liability risk. These include acts of negligence that could lead to lost/damaged property, injury to personal, or danger to people outside your organization. You’ll need to make sure your business is protected against all three types of risk.

Security Risk Assessment vs Security Audit

An Employee Suspiciously Eyes Another's Laptop

Security Threats May Originate From Inside or Outside Your Organization.

Audits are mandated to guarantee your business is compliant with government regulations. These checkups are limited in scope and are usually performed by a certified professionals. Security audits offer valuable guidelines and incentive for your business’ protection. However, because they are based on government guidelines, which occasionally fall behind industry standards, your security could still fall short.

Security risk assessments don’t follow a government standard. They instead focus on your organization as it is now and as it will be in the future. As a result, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

What is the Purpose of a Security Risk Assessment?

When a professional conducts a security risk assessment for your business, the purpose is to thoroughly examine the controls your business currently has in place and compare them with your organization’s current and future needs.

Does your building security stand up against potential threats? How can nefarious individuals exploit weaknesses in your controls as your company is growing? All of these ideas are considered and folded into a plan for your business.

When to Conduct a Security Risk Assessment

Change will determine when you need to schedule an assessment. That includes: changes in the size of your business, changes in personnel, changes in your industry, and more. If your business has doubled in size in the last couple of years, you need to reexamine your security measures to make sure they’re still sufficient.

Assessments are also prudent before or after large employee turnover events. Jaded employees (especially angry ones) become significant security risks. If your industry has recently adopted new connectivity technology, play it safe and schedule a checkup for your building.

What are the 5 Risk Assessment Steps?

Our assessment process is generally summed up in 5 simple steps:

  • Identify Hazards or Threats
  • Determine Risk (Personal, Property, Liability) for Your Business
  • Examine Risks and Develop Countermeasures
  • Create a Security Plan and Implement It
  • Reassess Security and Make Changes as Needed

What is a Security Assessment Report?

Security Cameras Examine a Large Room

Is Your Security System Ready to Handle Future Growth?

Once your professional has completed the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report of their findings. The report should detail security controls that have expired or need adjustments. It will also detail threats and recommend countermeasures to reduce your company risk. Make sure the company that you choose has a detailed plan to address future risks as your business continues to grow.

No detail is too small. The report may even include low tech solutions, such as fence replacement or window repair. If the assessment company took a holistic approach to your security (as they should), every aspect of your security will be considered.

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