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Your Security Safe vs Common Household Hazards

Security Safe

Fire Resistance, Thief Protection, and Water Resistance: Which of These is Most Important for Your Safe?

There hasn’t been a security safe invented yet that is completely impregnable. That being said, you can easily find a personal product that aligns with your specific needs. With some careful steps to protect against common household dangers, you canĀ effectively protect your most cherished possessions and crucial documents

FAQs About Security Safes

When it comes to discovering a security safe that’s ideal for them, homeowners have several important questions to answer. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding safe hazards.

  • Are Safes Waterproof?
  • What Can You Put in a Safe to Absorb Moisture?
  • What is the Best Security Safe for Home?
  • How Long Does a Fire Safe Need to Last?

Few, if any safes can be considered 100% waterproof. Do you know why? Water almost always finds a way to infiltrate even the most secure areas, either through cracks or residual moisture development. There are multiple levels of water resistance available on the market, but it often pays to place something inside your safe to counter moisture. This includes baking soda or even rice, but zip-lock backs are also helpful.

A capable home security safe balances a respectable UL rating (fire resistance) with countermeasures against thieves (such as anti-tool and anti-torch features). That being said, the best safe is often the one that’s easily stored someplace that thieves wouldn’t suspect. Larger safes must typically be stored in more exposed areas, while a smaller model can be tucked away almost anywhere.

The average room will be complete consumed within 20 minutes of a fire starting. Most security professionals would therefore recommend a safe model that can withstand 30 minutes of fire. You may however, want to invest in even tougher model if your home sits in a more isolated location.

Tips for Protecting Valuables in Your Safe

Consider what hazards your home is most likely to face. In Dallas, TX, one of the most common threats to safes is water damage inflicted by flash floods. If your home is vulnerable against flooding, consider investing in a safe with higher water resistance or that’s easily stored out of reach.

Should your neighborhood occasionally struggle with burglaries, a thief-resistant model might be appropriate. Finally, if your home is constructed with materials that are vulnerable to fire (such as wood shakes), invest in a safe with a high UL rating.

Professional Safe Installation for Your Home

Whatever model you decide on for your family, our team at Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith is happy to provide professional safe installation in Dallas, TX. Give us a call today at 214-446-1950 for your estimate!