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Regardless of your locksmith & access control need, the team at Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith has you covered! We provide your business with quality service and the best security mechanisms available to handle your security concern and can replace worn out locks and help you improve your security for your property. Our access control installations range from biometric readers to video camera surveillance and are designed to give you manageable security for your commercial property. With these installations, you not only can see who comes and goes from your business but control who can get into specific areas. We listen to your security concerns to help match you to and install the perfect access control systems for your property. Our team is always available to assist you and answer your questions about services from a commercial locksmith in Dallas, TX.

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Access Control Service And Product Options

Person Uses Cell Phone for Access ControlAre you looking for better way to manage and secure your commercial property? Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith offers a wide selection of access control system installation for your needs. Whether you are looking for video surveillance or want to manage who can access your property, we have got you covered. Not sure which system is best for you? Our licensed team will work with you to find the best fit for your security concerns and install it to help your building get started with better security. Have a question about one of our access control systems? Give us a call today at 214-446-1950 and speak with a commercial locksmith about your locksmith & access control system needs.

Card Reader Installation: Access cards use a keyless entry method to control the locks of a business.

Access Control Keypad Services: Keypad locks generally use analog or digital numeric button keys to control a lock or door. The pins or passcodes can range in complexity depending on the features of the device.

Mag Lock Services: Magnetic locks use an electrical current to seal a lock or doorThe fail-safe feature in most mag locks allows easy access for an emergency.

Biometric Reader Services: A lock using biometric technology determine access by recognizing biological patterns. Fingerprinting, retinal scans, and voice activation are all forms of biometric access control.

Video Access Control System Services: Video systems allow you to see what’s going on at your business while you’re away. Some have features like live chat or video playback options.

Remote Door Access Control Services: Using smart technology, you can control the locks and security of your office without having to physically be there. Many smart locks allow you to control access to your phone using text or Bluetooth.

Keyless Access Control Locks Services: Whether you chose keypads or smart locks, there are so many keyless access control options on the market. Our staff will help you find the right keyless option for your office.

Commercial Services

Commercial Locksmith Services for Business

Video Surveillance for Commercial BuildingsDoes your business need access control and a commercial locksmith  in Dallas, TX? Security needs aren’t necessarily the same for every business and Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith understands this. That’s why we carry a variety of products and offer services to help secure your company’s assets. Our locksmiths can handle almost any installation or repair for your business and advise you on which access control systems might benefit your company’s security. We also conduct ADA compliance audits and security risk assessments. Not sure about which of our services best matches your company’s needs? Our team is always on hand to help you find the right system or service to improve your company’s security! Call us today at 214-446-1950 for commercial locksmith services from the locksmith & access control experts.

  • High-Security Locks Services For additional security on your business, use the advanced features of high-security locks. Generally made with tougher materials, high-security locks are a stronger, durable option.
  • Commercial Keyless Entry Services Keyless entry options provide a convenient way to control a lock or door without keeping up with a key. Lost, stolen, and duplicated keys pose a security risk. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again.
  • Master Key Locksmith A master key allows you to open the doors to your business without using a hundred different keys. Our locksmiths handle master key replacement, repair, and installation.
  • Push Bar Installation Most exit doors use push bars for an easy, hands-free way to leave a building in case of an emergency. We fix broken and jammed push bars and install new ones.
  • Smart Locks Installation Using advanced technology, smart locks allow you to remotely control the lock. Get the convenient, keyless method of entry; use our installation services.
  • Security Risk Assessment Our security professionals offer risk assessments to ensure your company is safe. If you have concerns about the safety of your business, let us evaluate your business for any potential threats.
  • Commercial Security Systems Services Security systems add security to your building by monitoring it for potential threats. Find out about all the commercial security systems available.
  • ADA Audits for Compliance The Americans With Disabilities Act protects the disabled from being excluded. An audit informs your company whether or not it’s compliant with all the ADA laws and regulations.
  • Commercial Security Camera Systems Business are using video camera surveillance systems to patrol and protect their property. CCTV allows business owners to capture an image of any potential threats to their assets.

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Are you in need of a commercial locksmith for your business? Aaron's Access Control and Locksmith is your source for locksmith & access control services. Whether you need a new lock installation or need security camera solutions, we have got you covered. When looking for a locksmith & access control services, you want a company that is trusted and reliable. Our trained, licensed team has been providing fast, quality service to the Dallas, TX area for over 10 years. We set out to make sure you get the best customer experience and service every time. Want to get started with your commercial locksmith needs today? Give us a call at 214-446-1950 to speak with a skilled locksmith about your needs.